• Tank - T-64 - Object 430 - scale 1:160

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    2.06 x 5.77 x 1.59 cm
    0.81 x 2.27 x 0.62 inches

    3D model by Henri Oliver Haljasoks.

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    The T-64 is a Soviet second-generation main battle tank introduced in the early 1960s. It was a more advanced counterpart to the T-62: the T-64 served tank divisions, while the T-62 supported infantry in motorized rifle divisions.
    A project named obyekt 430 gave birth to three prototypes which were tested in Kubinka in 1958.
    For the first time, an extremely compact opposed-piston engine was used: the 4TD, designed by the plant's engine design team. The transmission system comprised two lateral gears on each side of the engine. Those two innovations yielded a very short engine compartment with the opening located beneath the turret. The engine compartment volume was almost half that of the T-54. An improved cooling system and a new lightweight suspension was fitted, featuring hollow metallic wheels of a small diameter and caterpillar tracks with rubber joints.

    And for people who need more information about this tank, here's the Wikipedia page: ​