• Tank - IS-3 - keychain

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    A badass Soviet heavy tank that fits in your pocket.

    2.07 x 7.04 x 1.69 cm
    0.82 x 2.77 x 0.67 inches

     3D model by Henri Oliver Haljasoks.

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    The IS-3 (also known as Object 703) is a Soviet heavy tank developed in late 1944. Its semi-hemispherical cast turret (resembling an upturned soup bowl), became the hallmark of post-war Soviet tanks. Its pike nose design would also mirrored by other tanks of the IS tank family such as the IS-7 and T-10. Too late to see combat in World War II, the IS-3 participated in the Berlin Victory Parade of 1945, in the border conflict during the Sino-Soviet split, the Soviet invasion of Hungary, the Prague Spring and on both sides of the Six-Day War.

    And for people who need more information about this tank, here's the Wikipedia page: ​https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IS-3_(tank)