• Cyka Blyat Star Pendant

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    A pendant for all your slavic pride purposes.
    We haven't figured out how to print Stalinium yet.
    If you play CS:GO this gives you permission to go into a competitive match,
    yell "Rush B cyka blyat" and wait for your MVP*

    *Do this at your own risk. CyberSmithy takes no responsibility for any matches or accounts lost when executing this strategy.

    3 x 0.51 x 3.81 cm
    1.18 x 0.2 x 1.5 inches

    Concept art by Raido Kikas & 3D model by Silver Anniko.

    Need a chain to complete your necklace? >>> Add A Chain <<<

    >>> Zoom in and rotate the 3D model <<< and you can also add name as Custom Text on this product before the object is 3D-printed.

    This product will be created by Shapeways as CyberSmihty's 3D print-on-demand partner with production units in US and Netherlands and shipped with UPS.

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    Yellow 14K Gold Material Data Sheet (PDF)
    Silver (925 Sterling Silver) Material Data Sheet (PDF)