• Amulet of Digital Mastery

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    This amulet is given out by CyberSmithy to notable people in the digital art and gaming  fields.
    This is the perfect gift to show your support to someone who you have seen mature from an amateur to a true professional. There is a customizable area on the back side for engravings.
    Every intern who joins the team and develops to become a professional is given one as a gift at the conclusion of the internship.
    For us this is not a participation trophy, but a way to show that the team acknowledges you as a pro.
    Also might* give you +3 frames per second while gaming. Results vary.

    *Any observed fps increase or decrease is assumed to be purely coincidental and CyberSmithy cannot be held accountable for this.

    3 x 0.73 x 3.81 cm
    1.18 x 0.29 x 1.5 inches

    Concept art by Raido Kikas & 3D model by Johannes-Reginald Jaagomann.

    Need a chain to complete your necklace? >>> Add A Chain <<<

    >>> Zoom in and rotate the 3D model <<<  and you can also add name on this product as Custom Text before the object is 3D-printed.

    This product will be created by Shapeways as CyberSmihty's 3D print-on-demand partner with production units in US and Netherlands and shipped with UPS.

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    Yellow 14K Gold Material Data Sheet (PDF)
    Silver (925 Sterling Silver) Material Data Sheet (PDF)